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ChickenChain is an organising and advising desk, focused on food safety, animal welfare and animal health in poultry.

ChickenChain is founded to combine maximal added value to low cost level, within poultry production chains.

Retail organisation in Western Europe demand products to be produced to  a competitive  price level and at the same time to comply to technical specifications. Furthermore maximal food safety is a basic condition, with complete transparency of the production chain as a whole.In addition to this guarantees have to be given on animal welfare and animal health items.

Poultry production chains take the risk to get trapped between high quality demands on th one side and  high cost levels on the other. Here ChickenChain is offering solutions:

- Projects in the field of food safety, animal welfare
  and animal health.
- Chain management to low costs, based on a
  detailed  tracking / tracing system that has been
  built  up right away from practical experience.

- Creative solutions for veterinary items within chains.  

- Independent auditing and survey.

Whithin ChickenChain you will find a wide range of experience and knowledge, concentrated around the work of the approved poultry veterinarian.