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ChickenChain was founded on 1st. of November 2002 door J.H. Lambers, dvm.

Unless the broad focus this initially is a one man affair. A network of capable subcontractors wil be available in every field.

Jan Lambers has a long and broad experience in intensive animal production. As a veterinarian he worked as an associated member in a private clinic for twelve years. After this he concentrated on structural pig health control with the Dutch Animal Health Institute, for six years. Thereupon he worked four years within the Storteboom Group, where he was responsible for quality management and veterinarian affairs.

This background leads to the following range of knowledge and experience:

-    production chains as a whole or at the level of each part.

-    contacts both within and outside the production chain

-    management and analysis of relevant data inside the chain

-    information services

-    scientific work, field research

-    feed production

-    medications, residues, microbial resistance

-    alternatieves to antibiotics

-    Salmonella, Campylobacter

-    Quality systems, certification, inspections

ChickenChain will always be independent, analysing and critical, but strictly confidential. The ideal partner to find new ways together with.