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ChickenChain Consultancy offers services to:  
Government officials
use independent advise on project basis or incidentally.

Retail organisations
Clients expect food to be safe and accountable. Retailers have to satisfy their clients. Therefore a thorough knowledge is needed in what is feasible to achieve within the production chain, and to what price.  
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Chain managers and integrators
Client demands must be convincingly fulfilled to low costs. How can this be realised?
Slaughtering plants
have to control the risk of Salmonella en Campylobacter completely Where does the use of decontamination lead to, which are the alternatives?
How can animal welfare be optimised, how to communicate with the clients?
Feed producers
must comply to the demands of the clients. Food risk items are not interpreted in the same way in each place. What is most important?
Broiler farmers
have to be aware of their position as a private enterpriser, related to other partners in the chain. What makes them to be an ideal chain member, with a strong position? When is animal welfare at the level, how to show this?
face consistent technical and organising challenges. Can chicken quality still improve? Is welfare optimal? How to control diseases? Is Salmonella fully under control?
Rearing and breeding farms
have to produce a perfect product to low prices. How can risks be minimised systematically, to what costs?